Kendra Bliss

makeup artist


Meet the Artist


Kendra Browne is a self taught, freelance makeup artist from Lanham, MD. Her passion for makeup artistry began while she was in undergrad when she realized not enough makeup artists and beauty brands cater to women of color in comparison to others. She believes every woman from fair to dark should have the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty through makeup.

In 2016, she started accepting clients and building her creative presence on social media. In a short time, her creativity has received recognition by celebrities, beauty bloggers, other makeup artists and cosmetic companies such as Iman and Black Opal. This past spring, she received formal training from a celebrity makeup artist and her certification in makeup artistry.

Today, she is a makeup artist based in Lanham, MD. She caters to her clients both home and abroad, ensuring they feel confident and beautiful for each and every occasion!